Covid In-Clinic

We carry out the PCR swab test in-clinic.
We courier the lab samples to the labs for
processing with the aim to getting the results
back to you prior to your flight.

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COVID In-Clinic

We carry out the PCR swab test at one of our clinic partner locations. We courier the lab samples to the our labs for processing with the aim to getting the results back to you prior to your flight. We aim to get your results back within 24-36 hours but most have been coming back the next day of testing because of the enhanced relationship we have with our laboratory partners’.

Once the laboratory results are out, we will be able to issue a certificate of testing which can be used for your airline and country of travel.

In addition, we are now registered with the UK Government to provide Day 2 and Day 8 testing in-clinic or via a postal service. Additionally, we can provide the UK Government Test to Release Scheme to reduce your self isolation period after returning from an international country.
(Passengers returning back from a Red Listed country will have to stay in a UK Government approved managed quarantine hotel and will not be allowed to participate in the Test to Release Scheme)

General Testing & Fit 2 Fly

A PCR test is a nucleic acid test (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) that is used to tell if you currently have COVID-19

Travel Test Packages

If you are returning from an International Country then you might be needing several tests in compliance with the UK Government testing requirements.

Test to Release

Test to Release is a UK Government Scheme that allows International Arrivals to finish their self isolation early if you have a negative COVID-PCR test result


This is a Point of Care Testing (POCT), which includes Lateral Flow Testing and also LAMP testing

Covid Antibody Testing

This is a venous blood test that enables the determination of both the presence and the level of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein

Corporate Testing

As an early provider for COVID testing, we have been fortunate and experienced the testing of COVID-19 pandemic in a different way by testing large corporate companies

Edwardian Hotel Service

We are proud to be selected as the testing providers for the patrons of the Edwardian Hotels in London.

Family Travel Tests

At MDX we will do our best to cater for you and your family by offering a family rate for all members of your family and guiding you thru the travel advice that is required for your country of destination.