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We are a listed UK Government approved Private COVID Testing Provider as well as a pharmaceutical company that pride ourselves in sourcing, storing, supplying and distributing pharmaceuticals to our customers. We focus on quality and we are driven by our customer satisfaction.

COVID Testing

Please do not come to the clinics if you or any one in your family are showing signs of COVID-19

If anyone is suffering from symptoms or if you know there is anyone that is suffering from symptoms please give us a call on: 01438 940654.

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COVID Testing
Care Homes


We carry out the PCR swab test at one of our clinic partner locations. We courier the lab samples to the our labs for processing with the aim to getting the results back to you prior to your flight. We aim to get your results back within 48 hours but most have been coming back the next day of testing because of the enhanced relationship we have with our laboratory partners’.

Once the laboratory results are out, we will be able to issue a certificate of testing which can be used for your airline and country of travel.

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We never forget that our goal is to help you reach yours, so our talented team, state of the art
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